Connect Gmail to Kaspian and find information quickly with unified search

Search for information within attachments

With Kaspian, you can easily search for specific information within your Gmail attachments. For example, if you received an email last month with a presentation attached and you remember that page 3 featured a smiling man with a blue shirt, Kaspian will quickly find the right page of the presentation for you.

Find emails based on purpose or tone of voice

j Kaspian's powerful search capabilities also allow you to search for emails based on their purpose or tone of voice. For instance, you can use Kaspian to quickly find your best sales emails or the most energetic emails you've received.

Find long or short emails

Kaspian's search engine can also help you quickly locate emails based on their length and content. For example, if you remember receiving a short email that mentioned an invitation to an event, Kaspian will find the email for you in no time. With Kaspian, you can spend less time searching through your inbox and more time getting things done.