Use Dropbox and Kaspian to quickly find your files and streamline your workflow

Instantly search for files based on specific details

With Kaspian's powerful search engine, you can find Dropbox files based on text content, file names, image details, and more. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through folders and searching for the right file – with Kaspian, it's just a click away.

Get the full context with integrated communication channels

By integrating Dropbox with Kaspian, you can easily see all the communication and collaboration surrounding a specific file or group of files. Say goodbye to jumping between different apps and channels to piece together the context – Kaspian does it all for you.

Increase productivity with a seamless setup process

Connecting Dropbox to Kaspian is quick and easy – all you need is a Dropbox account and some files uploaded. Once you're connected, you can start enjoying a new level of organization and efficiency in no time.